Happy Widnerday!

by John Wesley Hardin

I wish I could say more about Art Widner, but he and I have never talked very much.

I have shared his company in numerous smoky rooms though, because Art was a supporter of Las Vegas fandom, basically from the beginning. Art and Jack Speer and Don Fitch came to the first Silvercon. Despite the debacle, they all came back for number 2 and number 3 and Corflu and then some. And Art Widner drove the whole way! Driving to Las Vegas from California for Silvercon 2 displayed more faith than the first convention merited (Then again, we were in Las Vegas so, it wasn't as if we were asking him to come to Nebraska or Ohio or something).

So, to me, Art Widner is one of the Patron Saints of Las Vegas fandom, even if he never got the spotlight like Burbee, or had a devoted cult, like Andy Hooper and Victor Gonzalez. In a way, Art, you helped create Las Vegas fandom, and for that you must accept your share of the blame. Happy Birthday!