Art Appreciation #80 was instigated by Marci Malinowycz, edited by Andy Hooper, published by Tom Becker. Copyright © January, 1998. All rights revert to the contributors. Available for the usual.

Art Credits

Front Cover

Lucy Huntzinger (manipulated by Tom Becker)


Inside Front

Spike Parsons

(Art, Tom Becker)

Page 3

Barnaby Rappaport

(Geri Sullivan, Art, Jerry Kaufman)

Page 4

Barnaby Rappaport

(Don Fitch, Art)

Page 5

Barnaby Rappaport


Page 9

Barnaby Rappaport

(Art, Walt Willis, Jack Speer)

Page 11

Ctein (Art's t-shirt by Lucy Huntzinger)


Page 13

Barnaby Rappaport


Page 15

Art Widner

(Art, Art, Art, etc.)

Inside Bacover

Ulrika O'Brien


Art and Tom